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iPhone App Development Training Courses

Course Syllabus

The Tools and The User Interface

  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: the iOS devices
  • The iOS Developer Center, Programme and Apple SDK
  • Tools introduction
  • Creating your first project
  • The window, a view and a view controller
  • Discussing, designing and prototyping your UI
  • Building the Application UI and introducing components
  • Orientation and Layout
  • Distinguishing your design
  • Branding your app

Interaction and Navigation

  • Introduction to Objective C
  • Interaction, functionality and navigation
  • Defining variables and managing memory
  • Implementations & Interfaces, Controllers & Delegates
  • Working with multiple views and manipulating state
  • Web Links and video in your app
  • GPS, maps and the drawing API
  • Extending interaction
  • Testing your app
  • Creating and Using Application Settings
  • Testing on the device and profiling with instruments

Loading Data and Content

  • Loading XML and JSON Data
  • Using Lists and TableViews to display the data
  • Customising the cell renderers and managing reuse
  • Integrating with WebServices for data
  • Saving selections to the device
  • Dynamically displaying content and loading images
  • AMF Remoting, valueObjects and strong typing
  • Introduction to CoreData, our Model...
  • Discussing the concept of Model-view-controller (MVC)

Getting Feedback from the Device and Communicating with Others

  • Keeping track of signal and battery level
  • Gestures, multi-touch and animation
  • Using the model and producing custom visual components
  • Sharing with others
  • Audio and visual notifications
  • Integrating the Camera and Microphone into our Application
  • Accessing the phone to dial from within the Application
  • Managing the Orientation
  • Using the accelerometer for a bit of fun
  • App testing and debugging

Finalising, Profiling, Compiling and Deploying

  • Multitasking and memory warnings
  • Push notifications and managing them in code
  • The Developer Center, certificate requests, certificates and provisioning profiles
  • Ad-Hoc deployment to multiple devices
  • Tweaking our App until its perfect
  • Building the App for submission to the App Store
  • The AppStore submission process
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