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Chevron Training, the industry leading Renewable Energy Training provider is proud to be the 1st QQI approved training provider to deliver the new Small Scale Wind System Implementation training course.

This comprehensive hands on Wind Energy and Wind Turbine Installer training course will equip students with the necessary skills required to carry out installation of all Wind Turbine type windmills.

25/3/09 Energy Minister Eamon Ryan today announced measures to encourage the on-site generation of electricity in homes and farms across Ireland.

Among the measures is a guaranteed price of 19 cent per kilowatt hour of electricity produced. This competitive feed-in tariff will apply to the first 4,000 micro-generation installations countrywide over the next three years. Eligible installations include small scale wind, photovoltaic, hydro and combined heat and power.

All our farms and houses can be micro-generators. We can use our abundant natural resources to bolster the economy, create green-collar jobs and reduce carbon emissions at the same time. Every year, we send €6 billion out of this country on fossil fuels. This type of generation will help reduce this dependence and this outflow of money. We do not want to be dependent on Russia or Saudi Arabia for our energy needs; we can supply our own.”

Facts at a Glance

- Networks intend to make the connection process for units up to 50kW less onerous than the process required for larger generators.

- 19 cent per kwh paid on electricity exported to the national grid

- 4000 free reverse able meters available

- Subject to certain conditions domestic wind turbines may be exempt from planning requirements up to a maximum hub height of 10m and total (tip) height of 13m. For commercial installations and the agricultural sector the exemption is, up to the maximum (blade tip) height of 20m.

- The long term trend in oil prices is expected to continue upward, this will lead to increased oil prices

- A well maintained good quality 6kW unit in an excellent site will produce around 13,000 units of electricity per annum.

- A typical house in Ireland might consume around 5,500 units of electricity per annum

- A typical cut-in wind speed for small turbines is 3m/s.

- A typical life span of a turbine is 20 years

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