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There are significant employment opportunities for qualified individuals in the Special Needs sector.

Level 5 Course
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Level 6 Course
Combined Level 5 & Level 6 Course
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Level 5 Special Needs Assistant Course


This course is designed to provide learners with:

- An understanding of the context of special needs

- Acquire the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to work effectively as a special needs assistant (under direction).

Course Objectives

- Satisfy the training needs of those working or volunteering as a Special Needs Assistant.

- Develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the role of the Special Needs Assistant.

- Promote good practice amongst those working with Special Needs Children.

Course Syllabus

- The role of the Special Needs Assistant

- Equal opportunities and Child Development

- Physical and Intellectual Disabilities in Children

- History of Special Needs Service Provision in Ireland

- Legislation and National Policies

- Emotional and practical implications on a child and their families

- Resources and Services available to special needs children

- Health and Safety Procedures

- Child Protection Policies

- Effective communication methods e.g. communication aids

- Relating to other stakeholders

- Special needs assisting skills

- Duties of a Special Needs Assistant (child and teacher)

- Principles of good practice


Assessment Structure Skills Demonstration
Candidates are required to demonstrate specific skills and aptitudes required to work safely and effectively as part of a team under direction in a special needs assistant setting.

Each candidate is required to complete two skill demonstrations that have been devised from the specific learning outcomes of the course.

Learner Record
Candidates are required to compile a reflective personal record which details:
• The candidates’ experiences and challenges
• The values associated with working as a Special Needs Assistant
• The identification of personal learning and development over the duration of the programme

Project (Case Study ×2)

Candidates are required to complete two comprehensive case studies which demonstrate their:

• Understanding and application of concepts in the context of children with special needs and their care and provision
• Ability to analyse, evaluate, reflect, draw conclusions and make recommendations


- FETAC Level 5 Component Certificate in Special Needs Assisting (5N1786)

- FETAC Level 5 Component Certificate in Children with Additional Needs (5N2396)

Level 6 Special Needs Assistant Course

Course Objectives

- Recognise the local and legislative changes specific to the educational system for the special needs child

- Demonstrate an understanding of the curriculum and its implications for the child with special needs

- Understand the importance of observational skills when working with children within the educational system

- Recognise the importance of continued personal and professional development.

Course Syllabus

- Domestic and International Legislative Requirements

- Education Provisions for the Special Needs Child

- Implementing an appropriate Curriculum for the Special Needs Child

- Overcoming specific curriculum issues

- Incorporating visual arts, drama and music into the curriculum

- Computer technology within the educational setting

- Observational techniques

- Ethical and Confidentiality issues during the observation

- Reporting observation findings

- Personal and Professional Development

- Problem solving skills

- Impact of working with Special Needs Children

Assessment Structure

- Project (60%)

Assignment (×2) (40%)

- Preferred Entry Level

- Learners wishing to complete this module should have successfully completed a FETAC Level 5 module relating to Special Needs.

Special Needs Assistant Training Course

Chevron Training has introduced a nationwide Special Needs Assistant Training Course.

This comprehensive course will equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to fulfil the role of a Special Needs Assistant.

Learners that successfully complete this course will be awarded two separate FETAC Level 5 Component Certificates in Special Needs Assisting and Children with Additional Needs. The attainment of these awards will be advantageous when searching for employment in this area.

The Special Needs Assistant Training Course is delivered online through a distance learning course. Please note that IT Skills and Internet Access are required to complete a course by Distance Learning and it is the learners responsibility to secure any work placements that are required to successfully complete this course.

Special Needs Assistant

Special Needs Assistants are specifically recruited to assist teachers in the classroom environment, by providing care for pupils with disabilities in an educational setting.

The role of the Special Needs Assistant is to aid the pupil to achieve their specific learning outcomes through the provision of personal and work related assistance.

Suitably qualified Special Needs Assistants may seek employment within a mainstream primary or secondary education system or within a special school setting.

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